Our relaxing Massages for the special moments

Wellness massages are good for both mind and body. A relaxing full body massage influences our health and well-being. Even a foot-massage can release tensions so that our energies flow freely again.

A vitality massage for that pure wellness feeling

The interaction of wellness with a massage from a qualified therapist influences not only the massaged area but also the whole system and has a positive impact on mind and body.

Our experienced Team will treat you with the following massages:

1. Partial body massage - 30 minutes: 45.00 €

Standard western oil massage

2. Wellness anti-stress massage - 45 minutes: 65.00 €

Various back and facial massaging techniques using aromatic oils

3. Wellness anti-stress massage - 60 minutes: 85.00 €

Various back, facial, shoulder, upper arm and buttocks massaging techniques using aromatic oils

4. Wellness anti-stress full body massage - 90 minutes: 125.00 €

full body massage using aromatic oils

5. Anti-ageing brush massage - 90 minutes: 125.00 € or – 120 minutes: 165.00 €

stimulates the circulation of blood in buttocks, legs and face and works like a smooth skin peeling followed by an aromatic oil massage

Further options

· Hand reflex zones massage
· Foot reflex zones massage
· Facial reflex zones massage