Technical Equipment

Basic technical facilities included in flat-rate/room hire cost Cost per day
1 Flipchart free of charge
1 Screen free of charge
2 Pinboards free of charge
1 Presentation case (paper, pens, pins, etc) free of charge
Beamer InFocus LP 640 free of charge
Overheadprojector free of charge
Lectern (on request) free of charge
Wi-Fi free of charge
Extra technical facilities for an additional fee Cost per day
Whiteboard 15 €
Flipchart 15 €
Pinboard/metaplan board 10€
Beamer InFocus 3500 Lumen 100€
DVD player with monitor 20€
Wireless microphone/microphone on request
VHS player with monitor on request
Seminar room hire from 100€
Photocopies 0.30€ each
Photocopies >200 0.10€ each
Transparency 0.80€ each
Coloured photocopies 0.50€ each