History of Hotel Benther Berg

How a guest house became a renowned Hotel…

1899 - The foundations for the present “Hotel Benther Berg” were laid by Friedrich Bode who had the guest house built in 1899. The name he gave it was “Benther Berg Garten”.

1914 – The guest house was leased to Rudolf Tiemann, who then renamed it “Thiemann’s Hotel”. Under this name the hotel soon enjoyed a good reputation in Hanover and the surrounding villages. The outbreak of the First World War put an end to this success story.

1938 - As his heirs had no interest in taking over the guest house Friedrich Bode decided to sell the property to Reinhard Aggen. He bought it for his mother-in-law Sophie Müller who then took over the guest house.

1939 – During the Second World War the Gestapo confiscated the property in order to accommodate prisoners and forced labourers. As there were not enough rooms, barracks were built on the estate. These prisoners and labourers were forced to work in the munitions factory in nearby Empelde.

1954 - Sophie Müller’s daughter Karla Aggen-Führer reopened the guest house under the name of “Gasthaus Benther Berg” and over time had it built into a hotel.

1969 - Hinderk Aggen, then 28 years old, took over the guest house from his mother Karla Aggen-Führer, had it modernised and renamed it “Hotel Benther Berg”. The hotel soon became very popular, so popular that in

1974 - the Brazilian football team (the reigning World Cup champions at that time) chose it as their fixed quarters for the 1974 World Cup. The small village of Benthe was suddenly in the limelight of the sport’s world. Pele, a football superstar, was a guest in Benthe! The news went around Germany like a wildfire!

1982 - Hinderk Aggen decided to have a further house built on the estate to accommodate the increasing numbers of business guests and conferences which had become more and more popular over the last years.

Since then Hinderk Aggen has continued to improve and manage “Hotel Benther Berg” in the best possible way making it into the modern hotel it is today.

Many prominent guests have either stayed here in “Hotel Benther Berg” or visited our restaurant: The Kelly Family, the German national football team, the former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and the former First Minister to Lower Saxony Christian Wulff.

2014 – In January of this year Reinders Aggen joined his parents in “Hotel Benther Berg”
continuing the family tradition for yet another generation!